Mark Rishniw

Dr. Rishniw is a lecturer at Cornell University and also works in the Simpson Lab, a small lab group located in the Clinical Sciences Department at Cornell's School of Veterinary Medicine. He graduated from the University of Melbourne Faculty of Veterinary Science in 1987. He completed two residency programs (Internal Medicine at Washington State University and Cardiology at University of California, Davis). He also obtained his MS and a PhD. Dr. Rishniw is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in both Internal Medicine and Cardiology.



Saturday, June 21

1:45 pm–2:35 pm    
Biomarkers—Medicine or Marketing?      
This session will examine the use of biomarkers in cardiac disease.

2:45 pm–3:35 pm
When Size Matters—Assessing Heart Size on Radiographs and Echocardiograms
In this session we will discuss how to interpret heart size, pitfalls, things to forget, and things to remember

4:15 pm–5:30 pm      
Diagnosing Canine CHF—Time to Go Back to Basics?
In this session we will discuss an algorithm-based approach to diagnosis of CHF in dogs.


Sunday, June 22

8:30 am–9:20 am
Heartworm Disease—Dilemmas, Dramas, and Dogma
In this session, we will discuss various confusing issues about heartworm disease and present data on new and emerging information on this relevant disease.

9:30 am–10:20 am
Diagnosing Feline CHF—The Problem with Cats
This session will discuss the issues and concerns of diagnosing CHF in cats.

10:30 am–11:20 am
Therapy of Canine Heart Disease—A Critical Approach
During this session we will examine current therapies of canine heart disease in the context of the literature.

11:40 am–12:30 pm
Therapy of Feline Heart Disease—Science or Faith?
In this lecture we will examine current therapies of feline heart disease in the context of the literature.

12:40 pm–2:00 pm
This session will cover the current status of genetic basis of canine and feline heart disease.

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